Zi Ra La Cu

Weaver and Spinner

I am 50 years old and I have two children, one son and one daughter. I also have two grandkids. 

I am the third generation weaver in my family. I started learning when I was 15. My daughter can also weave and I plan to teach my granddaughter. I think this is a very special and important skill to pass down to my grandkids. 

Often people want me to weave blankets or Chubas (traditional Tibetan clothing), I really like natural colors, not all the bright colors that people often use to weave.

My only other skill is farming. We used to grow our own food and raise sheep for wool. I hope to use the money I make with TAHDA to help the students in our family go to school and to buy food. 

Part of my job as a grandmother is to raise my grandkids. Because the kindergarten is right behind this place where we weave, I hope to be able to drop off the grandkids, weave all day, and then pick them up in the evening.