Tahda is a business that values the lives and abilities of the people in the surrounding community, enabling them to use their skills to provide luxury items to a local and international market. 

Tahda’s local artisans create the softest, most luxurious, and most authentically handmade Tibetan textile in the world. We only made one change to the traditional textiles, unlike the local textiles which use rough wool or yak hair, Tahda replaces the scratchiness with one of the world’s softest and most luxurious fibers, alpaca.

All of our products are crafted using the knowledge and skill of the local people. Every piece of cloth is unique; maintaining the culture and customs passed down from generation to generation. Tahda is the word that means “the weaving place” in the language of the local artisans.

Vision of TAHDA

Our vision is that the jobs and business opportunities we provide for the local community would help them maintain their traditional spinning and weaving skills as well as supplement them financially. We are committed to creating a product that TAHDA is proud to sell, the local community is proud of creating, and our customers are proud to display.

Values of TAHDA:

-Preserving the skill and culture of this unique Tibetan art for future generations. 

-Ethical business practices including authenticity, integrity, and a fair wage

-Quality sourced alpaca fiber 

-A beautiful, soft, luxurious, cloth 

-Using 100% alpaca in all our products 

-The Tibetan art of hand-spinning and hand-weaving

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