Weaving Timeless Heirlooms in Timeless Places!

100% Yak Down Garments

Hand Spun Hats and Gloves

Those who care about the impact of their purchases are often left starving for authentic products that connect us to more than just a machine in a factory. 

TAHDA exists to introduce you to the masters of weaving from the Tibetan plateau, artisans who create handwoven heirlooms, bringing both purpose and style to your life and home. 

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Why we chose this luxurious natural fiber

Softer than wool, lighter than cashmere, extremely durable, hypoallergenic, and the list goes on...

The TAHDA Story

In 2014 a family packed up their bags and moved to rural China. Along the way, they met new friends who taught them to see life through different eyes. After observing many of their local friends handcrafted textiles, Derek founded TAHDA, bringing local traditions to the marketplace. We want to invite you into that story as you join us on this journey to understand the life and passions of some of Tibet's finest artisans--into the very heart of their lives--to TAHDA, the weaving place.

Translated simply it means: "the weaving place". But it's more than that...

While most of life is filled with distractions, according to local tradition,
the "TAHDA" is a sanctified place, an area of the home set apart for the quiet and methodical art of weaving,
a place of deep thought, artistic survival, and heartfelt conversation.

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Derek Homsher

Executive Director and Founder

La Zong

Operations Manager