Lu Zong Wu Mo


I am 70 years old and have three kids and six grandsons. I am Lu Zong La Mo's older sister.

I learned to weave when I was 30 years old. Now because I am old I cannot go and find work but this is something I can do. 

With the money I make from working for TAHDA, I give some to my grandsons, and with some I buy food. Recently I needed to stay in the hospital so I used a lot of my money for that. 

Before this, I would make money by collecting things for recycling. That was my first real job, working for TAHDA is my second. I also really like working in my garden, but now, because we have moved here, I no longer have land to grow things.

My biggest hope in life is to not get sick and that my grandson would be able to graduate from college.