This white, hand-spun, handwoven alpaca throw blanket with black tassels is named after the most prized and very rare white yak. Often, yaks are mostly black, but every once in a while a white one appears. Include a similarly rare TAHDA heirloom in your home. With a weight of almost 6lb. (2.7kg), this heavy Tibetan blanket was built to last 4 generations among a people who understand a cold climate. This is NOT your normal light throw blanket. With similar benefits to a weighted blanket, and the uniqueness only TAHDA can provide, this heavy blanket will keep you warm and cozy for many years to come. Size: 63"x52" (160cmx132cm) Not including tassel length. Free Shipping! This item will be shipped internationally, so please allow for a 2-4 week delivery window.

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