This white and fawn hand-spun, handwoven throw blanket is named after the most important food of Tibet, barley flour. Barley is harvested every fall and first winnowed, roasted, and then ground into flour. One can eat it dry or with yak butter tea. The color of this blanket is inspired by the fresh roasted barley of the Tibetan highlands. With a weight over 4.5lb, this heavy Tibetan blanket was built to last 4 generations among a people who understand a cold climate. This is NOT your normal light throw blanket. With similar benefits to a weighted blanket, and the uniqueness only TAHDA can provide, this heavy throw blanket will keep you warm and cozy for many years to come. Size: About 59" x 51" *Not including tassel length. Free Shipping! This item will be shipped internationally, so please allow for a 6-9 week delivery window.

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